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Have a business? Host a hive!

Want to showcase your ESG and CSR commitments?

Engage your employees in their local enviroment?

We offer beehive rental and management services operating throughout the North West. Our mission is to enable your company to engage your employees and show a real commitment to environmental issues.


Free site assessments are offered to buisnesses less than 10 miles from the M60.

Colony of Bees

We provide a strong, healthy colony of bees consisting of approximately 20,000 workers, a few hundred drones and a queen.

Cedar Hives

The bees are housed in beautiful cedar wood hives, oiled with Linseed oil to bring out their natural colour and provide weatherproofing.


You recieve honey from your hives, jarred and labelled with your branding. Packaged to UK regulations, ready for you to sell or give as gifts.

Team Building

Our Hands in Hives events connect your employees to their local environment and help them develop as a team.

What you get:

Hive Sponsorship

If you don't have space to host your own hives or want to give back more to your community we also offer a hive sponsorship program. With this you can sponsor hives either at our apiary in Northern Roots, Oldham or a community group/school local to you. They recieve hives branded with your logo and you both get honey, beekeeping experiences and several thousand new bee friends.

Hives branded with your logo

Sponsored hives carry your branding so any photos/marketing that uses them will promote your company.

Support your community

You can suggest a host site or we can help you find one. Hosts are usually groups that wouldn't be able to afford our services otherwise.


Both you and the hosts get honey from your hives. All jarred and labelled ready to go!

Team Building

Both your company and the hosts recieve Hands in Hives events to engage your employees and your community in their environment.

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