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We Are Hive5 Manchester

Damson started Hive5 Manchester in 2020 as a way to share her passion for Beekeeping with a wider variety of people. Having grown up with beekeeping parents some of Damson’s earliest memories are of being dressed in an adult-size beesuit with the arms and legs rolled up to help with hive inspections.

Hive5 Manchester began as a hands on alternative to the normally classroom based beginner beekeeper courses. From there it has expanded to include:

  • Beehive rental and management for businesses

  • School beehive sponsoring

  • Practical beekeeping courses

  • Beekeeping experiences

  • Theory beekeeping courses

  • Community engagement events

  • Beekeeper mentoring

  • Pollinator workshops

Despite having nearly 15 years of beekeeping knowledge under her belt Damson is still eager to keep learning more and enjoys picking up tricks from bee farmers she works with.

Our beekeeping team offer brilliant mentoring and voluntary services to other beekeepers and community groups including running a community apiary and offering beekeeping through social prescribing!

All of our beekeepers are registered with the BBKA and our hives are registered with the National Bee Unit (Defra).

The Team

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Bee Outline_edited.png

Damson is the bee's knees. She is so good at her job (in our case, rescuing a colony from the rafters whilst keeping the queen safe) and has a lovely personality. And she is so informative. I learnt so much that morning - thank you Damson.

John Bradbury


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